Monday Musings (7/1/19)

Building a Second Brain

Hey everybody, 

Two years ago, I enrolled in an online course called Building a Second Brain. Before taking the course, I was overwhelmed by information overload. I felt like there were too many books, emails, podcasts, articles, and newsletters to sort through. I felt like I was swimming an infinite pool of information. No matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t keep up. 

At first, I managed to tread water. But over time, I lost my stamina. The world was throwing too much information at me, and I didn’t have a system to manage any of it. I felt stressed, anxious, and frustrated.

Second Brain felt like a life jacket. For the first time, I didn’t have to worry about keeping my head above the surface. The violent waters of information overload stopped being an issue. My relationship to information transformed. Like a surfer, I welcomed the rush of the waves. Armed with a new system for managing information, I felt like a surfer barreling through the tidal wave of information. The wilder the waters, the better the ride. 

Taking Second Brain is the single best decision I’ve made in my career. It’s become my operating system for everything I do. When my friends watch me use my Second Brain, they think I have a superpower. 

They’re right. 

Fast-forward two years and I’ll be teaching the next version of Second Brain, which begins on Wednesday, July 3. My fingerprints are all over this course. We’ve spent the past few months stripping the course down to its essence. We’ve designed a new and improved version for people like you who want to learn faster and achieve more, without all the stress and anxiety of time-consuming information overload.

It’s time to build a system that gives you instant access to your knowledge 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, no matter where you are.

I’ve interviewed countless writers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. When I show my Second Brain system to them, their jaws hit the floor. Not a single one has an information management system on par with the one you’ll create for yourself in this online course. 

Second Brain is the greatest gift I can give you. There is nothing I recommend more.

The course begins on Wednesday , July 3. The live sessions are recommended, but not essential. If you can’t attend the live lectures, you can watch a recorded version online. 

Like any great piece of technology, my second brain feels like magic. I believe in it so much that teaching this course is my #1 priority right now. 

Tomorrow night (July 2) is the deadline to sign up. There's no risk in signing up now because you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Implementing this system will change your life. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably knowing that you’ll no longer lose your most important ideas. Once you finish the course, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your Second Brain. This is a chance to radically transform your life. To take a leap, invest in yourself, and step into your future.  

I hope you’ll join me. 

P.S Here’s a direct link to sign up for the course.

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Fresh Ideas

North Star Podcast: Jeff Morris Jr.

Jeff Morris Jr., the Director of Revenue at Tinder. We discussed:

  • Jeff’s MBA thesis at UCLA. He wrote about Lambda School

  • The transition from marketing funnels to marketing loops

  • How Tinder is growing its average revenue per user

  • Hollywood's transition from movies to television

  • The handwritten letter Jeff received from legendary UCLA college basketball coach John Wooden.

You can listen to podcast here: iTunes | Website | Overcast

Coolest Things I Learned This Week

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo is Incredible

People are Listening to Older Music

The Importance of Sleep

It’s easy to ignore sleep. It pulls us from our friends, family, and work, so it can feel like a waste of time. But Matthew Walker believes that sleep’s uselessness proves it’s usefulness.

From Why We Sleep:

“No matter what vantage point you take, sleep would appear to be the most foolish of biological phenomena. When you are asleep, you cannot gather food. You cannot socialize. You cannot find a mate and reproduce. You cannot nurture or protect your offspring. Worse still, sleep leaves you vulnerable to predation. 

Sleep is surely one of the most puzzling of all human behaviors. On any one of these grounds—never mind all of them in combination—there ought to have been a strong evolutionary pressure to prevent the emergence of sleep or anything remotely like it. 

As one sleep scientist has said, “If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process has ever made.”

When to Create

Inspiration is perishable.

Strike while the flame of creativity is hot. Don’t wait. The candle of inspiration will propel you through the challenges of creating something.

Create before the flame dies out.

Photo of the Week

On Friday night, I hosted a meet-up with the New York based graduates of my online writing course, Write of Passage.

We sparked instant friendships. Students spent lots of time together in the course, so people recognized each other before they shook hands.

Most of the people in the photo above will be enrolling in the upcoming version of Building a Second Brain. It will be co-taught by Tiago Forte who is to my left in the photo. I hope you’ll join us.

Until next week,

David Perell

P.S. You can purchase Building a Second Brain with the Monday Musings discount code here.